Newsday Tuesday –Charmingly Disruptive Cats


How often do you have to stop what you’re doing and pay attention to a needy or overly helpful cat? Try as I might, there’s no way I can change my bed without Lily’s help. She loves to romp on the bed amidst folds of freshly washed sheets, dive under the blankets as they float into place, wrestle with wads of the sheet as I try to smooth it out. Oh yes, she’s a big help.

Two years ago I made six Christmas stockings for our new great grandchildren who joined our family that year. But I had to do the work during Lily’s afternoon nap or there would be sequins and beads everywhere. Sometimes I get too much of her help in my office—usually when she wants attention or food. And I don’t dare leave a glass of water alone on my desk as Lily WILL help herself to it.

It appears that cats all over the world want to be involved with their people. After all, cats have no level of discernment when they walk into what appears to be an interesting situation. Take the mayor of Riga, the capital of Latvia. Mayor Nils Usakovs was taping an interview when Dumka, one of his rescued cats, wandered in and began lapping whatever was in the cup at his elbow. The video has since gone—as they say—viral. Reporters and photographers from all over the world have landed on the mayor’s doorstep to get photos of the household cats.

With more and more of us working at home, this is bound to be a consequence. I’ve had to apologize a time or two for my cats while involved in a telephone interview. Here are a few additional videos of disruptive cats: This one interrupted a yoga filming session in the most adorable way.

And I’d like to see this every evening on our local news broadcast—this cat wandered onto a set in Germany.

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