Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Hero Cats

Smokey, the inspiration for this series

Smokey, the inspiration for this series

My Klepto Cat Mysteries feature a hero cat. Rags is always stepping in to help (and sometimes hinder) in times of chaos and in times of calm. He has been an eye-witness in a murder case, he saved a woman from a burning house, he has disarmed more than one villain when they least expected it, he saved an ill cat from freezing, and more. In the next story—Book 22—Rags needs saving and he gets help from a most unlikely critter.

You’ve no doubt read the story about the cat who saved the boy from a potentially vicious dog attack.  It occurred a few years ago in Bakersfield, California. The boy was riding his bicycle when a dog approached in attack mode and the family cat chased the dog off. If you want to read the story, it’s easy to find in a search.

Last year we talked about a stray cat in Russia who kept a baby alive by climbing into the box where the baby was left in the cold. One has to wonder if the cat was thinking about herself in this situation. I mean, the cat was probably cold, too. At any rate, the baby and the cat came out okay.

There are stories of cats rousing family members when a fire breaks out in the house.

I had a cat once who attacked a Great Dane that came too close to her kittens. PomPom, a lilymaxseven pound grey-and-white cat, saw the large dog nosing around outside. Her kittens, in the meantime, were playing nearby in the living room. Well, I guess she sensed the kittens were in danger, for she leaped into the air and hit the screen door, it flew open, and PomPom landed in the middle of that dog’s back. The poor dog didn’t know what had hit him. He ran off and never ventured into our yard again.

That day, once the attack was over, I opened the door and let PomPom back in. After checking each of her kittens, PomPom got herself some lunch and took a nap.

She was not a vicious cat. In fact, I took in a baby racoon once and had to bottle feed the tiny creature. PomPom used to sit next to me while I fed him and lick any spilled milk from his little face.

Some cats can be scrappers—fighting for what they want—a larger share of the kibbles, a lap, some petting, or a particular toy. Others will sit back and take what’s left without a complaint. Which purrsonality does your cat have? Is your cat a hero cat? Would love to hear your cat’s stories. Be sure to send pictures.

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