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Lily Likes Books

Lily Likes Books

That’s the name of a book I’m asking for as a Christmas gift. The subtitle is, “How House Cats Tamed us and Took Over the World.”

In her book, Abigail Tucker goes into the evolution of the house cat, her similarities to the big cats, the indoor cat phenomenon, questions as to whether the cat is actually a useful creature and the Internet cat craze.

Here are more books you might be interested in. Aside from my Klepto Cat Mysteries, there are dozens of other cozy mysteries involving cats. Here are a few: The Cat Who Mysteries by Lillian Braun Jackson; Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries, Ali Brandon; Cats in Trouble Mysteries, Leann Sweeney; Magical Cats Mysteries, Sofie Kelly; Cat in the Stacks Mysteries, Miranda Jones; Second Chance Cat Mysteries, Sofie Ryan; Midnight Louis, Carole Nelson Douglas; Mrs. Murphy Mysteries, Rita Mae Brown; The Chocoholic Mysteries, JoAnna Carl; Paws and Claws Mysteries, Krista Davis.

That ought to keep you reading for the rest of the year.

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