Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Your Cat’s Birthday

Lily Meets Her First Balloon

Lily Meets Her First Balloon

Do you know when your cat’s birthday is? Many times, we guess at what it might be. Sophie came to us  around the middle of October. The vet thought she was about 10-weeks old, so we set her birth-date on August 2. The vet thought Lily was almost 8-weeks old when we adopted her and that was toward the end of May, so we decided to celebrate her birthday on April 1. And we did celebrate her first birthday with fanfare.

At the time, we were taking care of our three-year-old granddaughter one day a week. We also had four small children living in the neighborhood, and we invited them all over for cake and ice cream on Lily’s birthday. We even had balloons and party hats.

I once made a cake for Max-kitty out of canned cat food for one of his birthdays. This was a max-bdayspecial treat for Max since he grew up on kibbles. But he wasn’t too keen on wearing a party hat and posing for pictures.

How successful, really, is a kitty-cat birthday party? Here’s one take on that subject. I think you’ll find it rather humorous and true. http://www.catster.com/molz/how-to-throw-a-birthday-party-cat-humor-behavior

On Pinterest, you’ll find a page with 1,000 ideas and items related to and for cats parties. It includes cat-shaped cakes and cookies, gifts, decorations. It’s a hoot. And there are some adorable ideas. https://www.pinterest.com/johnsonpi/kitty-cat-birthday-party  

Here’s a cute guide for throwing your pet (cat, dog, bunny, etc.) a party. https://ideas.evite.com/planning/pet-birthday-party-guide



Would love to see pictures of your cat’s birthday party. I don’t know about you, but for me, once is enough. Lily got one birthday party and for the other six birthdays, I simply give her extra attention and affection and tell her how glad we are to have her and Sophie.

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