Mindful Monday – Don’t Knock the Cat

pumpkinWe all know that the Internet is rich with cat photos and videos. Cats are celebrated through stories, cartoons, jewelry, clothes, and even songs (I have a whole album of songs featuring or about cats). But in some cases, the depiction of the cat is rather derogatory, critical, and downright insulting.

Just this morning, I saw a picture on the Internet with the caption—“Is this a cat or a dog?” Maybe you saw it. The photo shows a very hairy animal whose ears are kind of camouflaged and it’s difficult to tell for sure what sort of animal this is. Turns out, of course, it is a cat.

There seems to be as many people who enjoy belittling the cat as there are who put the cat on a pedestal. There’s Grumpy Cat and now some take-offs on this poor, mad-looking feline dubbed what? Crabby Cat, Cranky Cat. And let’s not overlook those cats we’re invited to laugh at when they fall off a couch, someone scares the be-jeebers out of them, they get stuck in a box, or they happen to have a strange habit or odd voice.

There are people out there who are drawn to the underdog cat—the one with a crooked some_texttail, a funny-looking face, a missing limb, or a deformity. There are even people who will adopt or foster ailing cats—those on hospice—and love them tenderly to the end.

I think that before we laugh at, turn away, shun, or even—heaven forbid—try to punish or harm a cat, we should remember what my friend, Karen Lee Stevens teaches and preaches—animals have feelings, too.

In fact, this would be a good time to purchase copies of her book of the same name: “Animals Have Feelings, Too” for the children on your holiday list and help support the author’s organization, All For Animals. Check it out here: http://allforanimals.org/book

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