Catscapades Table of Contents



Catscapades, True Cat Tales
Table of Contents

My Life With Cats
The Legacy of a Cat Lady

Section One: My Cat, My Teacher
Things I’ve Learned From My Cats
Sammy: The Cat Who Changed a Heart
Winfield: The Furry, Purry Mentor

Section Two: Throw-Away Cats
Stories of Strays and Other Free-Roaming Cats
Memoirs of a Colony Cat
Ferals in the Woodshed
Sophie’s From Rags to Riches Story

Section Three: Kitty Cat Rescue
The Promise
Frigie FryPan and the CatNap Caper
Tina’s Surprise

Section Four: Uncat-like Behavior in Cats
Gus: The Babysitting Cat
PomPom, the Super Mom

Section Five: Catty Communication
What Did the Cat Say?
Daisy and the Cat Carrier Caper
Daisy and Katy: The Kittens Who Learned to Love

Section Six: Cats as Companions
Our Feline Friends
PomPom and Other Crazy Cat Names

Section Seven: Healing Cats
Saving Maggie’s Kittens
Crystal Swallowed What?
The Tale of Smokey’s Tail
Lily’s Miracle

Section Eight: The Rainbow Bridge
Momma Cat Needs Help Crossing Over
Helping Your Cat Find the Rainbow Bridge

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