Explaining Heavenly Cats Photo

Heavenly Cats

Heavenly Cats

I wanted to explain this photo—you all saw it first posted yesterday. I asked our photographer if she could use some of our old photos and create the essence of these cats waiting in a heavenly place for me. Here, you see some of my cats who are no longer with us—left top, Winfield (our white odd-eye greeter cat), Daisy (long-hair calico), Katy (my sweet Himalayan), Gus (grey and white—the babysitter cat), Carli (wide-eyed calico kitten), Crystal (shaded silver Persian) and Rosie (my white and orange beauty).

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  1. Neil Be says:

    I lost my white cat, with two different coloured eyes, today. Your image assured me she is in good hands, always looking over me with other cats I have owned.

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