Mindful Monday – Protect the Cats



Today is Halloween. Remember the drill—keep your cats inside; safe from harm and fear. If you have a scaredy cat, like we do, make sure she can hide someplace away from the sounds of the doorbell and trick-or-treaters.

If you have a black cat, be especially wary. Don’t let him out this time of year and do what you can to protect the black cats in your neighborhood. Educate your neighbors about the dangers for their black cats. If it’s a stray, try to lure him to a safe place overnight or, perhaps, save his life by taking him to a local no-kill shelter for evaluation, treatment, and possible adoption.

Dogs can be frightened by hoards of trick-or-treaters moving through the neighborhood sasha 027and converging upon your house, too. And they’re more apt to eat some of the goodies brought home by your children. So don’t leave your dogs unattended and vulnerable.

Here are some of the dangers you might not think of.

  • A curious pet might upset a pumpkin or other decoration that’s lit by candles and start a fire.
  • Your dog (or cat) could end up in the pet emergency clinic after consuming too much of a good thing—your children’s candy, your Halloween pumpkin, chocolate brownies you made for a party, etc.
  • Your cat or dog might run away when the onslaught of trick-or-treaters frighten them. One woman rescued a young cat she found roaming in her neighborhood the day after Halloween. She figured it had either been part of a child’s Halloween costume and the kid got tired of carrying him and turned him loose or it became frightened by the groups of children moving through the streets, ran, and got lost.
  • There are also traffic dangers for your pets on Halloween night.

Keep your pets close and safe.


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