Frivolous Friday — National Cat Day, October 29

Kittens waiting for a home

Kittens waiting for a home

Some of us celebrate cats every day of the year. Our cats demand that we do, right? We take care of and spoil our one, two, or a handful of cats. As with every worthwhile endeavor, there are a few who go way above and beyond. Since we’re celebrating National Cat Day tomorrow, I wanted to offer up a few ideas for you to honor cats

  • Make pillows, cat beds, or simple blankets out of cat print and deliver them to your local animal shelter.
  • Volunteer to socialize cats that are up for adoption.
  • Make your cat healthy treats. Here are a few recipes:
  • Dress up like a cat for Halloween.
  • Make room for one more homeless cat.

Here are twenty more ideas:

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