Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Hero Cats

IMG_0583We all love a good hero story and when it involves cats, they’re all the more intriguing. Here are a few that might warm your heart.

Pudding went to work to save her human the very day she was adopted. Her new person went into a diabetic seizure and Pudding began biting her nose and pawing at her face. Once she woke up enough to call out to her son, Pudding ran into the boy’s bedroom and made sure he got up to help.

In Bakersfield, when a young bicycle rider was being attacked by a dog, the family cat, Tara, rushed to his rescue and chased the dog away. The boy can thank Tara for the fact that he needed only a few stitches after the ordeal.

Marsha, a cat who belongs to nobody and to everybody (in other words, she’s a stray who AlyzayBirthday3 078the neighbors feed), saved a newborn baby one winter night in Russia. She saw a box with a baby in it and climbed into it, keeping the baby warm until her loud meows brought help. Folks believe that the tabby’s actions saved the baby’s life.

There have been many cats who have saved their family from a burning, smoke-filled house—one of them was Oscar—who went around scratching on the bedroom doors to alert family members there was a fire. Everyone got out safely.

Do you think your cat has it in him or her to be a hero? I’m pretty sure that if a fire broke out here, Lily would wake me up to make sure I rescued her food and maybe a few of her favorite toys. Or would she go hide from the danger like she does when we have workmen or visitors in the house.


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