Thoughts for Thursday – Cats That Love Water Too Much

lilywater-029Water is an issue here in most of California. It’s been a long time since we’ve had rain. A very long time. And even longer since we’ve had what you’d call significant rain. The diminishing water supply is a real problem here—we’re on water restriction. Everyone in every family is constantly thinking about conserving water—all except for Lily.

Lily is a hoarder. She hoards her toys, her food and, if there was a way to do so, she’d hoard water, too. She and Sophie have five water bowls. We don’t want Lily to have to walk too far to find water. She’s especially passionate about running water. So we bought her a little kitty water fountain, which she adores. She also likes to drink out of a running faucet and, even in this time of serious drought, demands that we continue our running-water ritual morning and evening.

That’s when I turn the bathtub faucet on ever so slightly and she gets to lap up the water fresh from the tap. (Although, Lily, too, is on water restriction. Now we turn the tap to a mere trickle and only for a few seconds.)

She’s so attracted to water, that if not watched, she will dive in face first to lap up the water


in my water glass.

One of my favorite sights is Lily greeting me in the morning, after we’ve turned on her water fountain, with little sprinkles of water all over her whiskered face.


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