Frivolous Friday – Comical Cats

LilyOwlIMG_2288Laughter is healing. And people with cats around probably laugh more than the ordinary householder. How does your cat tickle your funny bone? What antics does she engage in that makes you crack up?

We do a lot of laughing and smiling around here. Just looking into Sophie’s and Lily’s little faces makes me smile. And I love watching the drama those two create most evenings when they challenge each other to a girl fight. There are no winners or losers in these rumbles. But they are entertaining as all get out to watch. First the two of them sit close and stare at one another. Then ears go back and paws are raised. They slap at each other’s paws a few times, then one of them dives into the other with a kitty-style body slam and the chase is on.

Watching a cat play is charmingly sweet. From the look on her face to the cute body action, a playful cat can hold my attention for hours.

For your enjoyment, here’s a video that sure made me laugh. I hope you get some healing laughter from it, too.

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