Frivolous Friday – Heat-Related Issues Involving Pets

SmokeySummerCertainly, heat-related illnesses in pets is not a frivolous subject. Even though there seems to be plenty of publicity when a dog dies after being left in a hot car, or a dog is rescued near death after being locked inside a car on a scorching day, people still do it. There are constant public service notices through all nature of media about the dangers of leaving your pet in a car even when the temperature is mild. And common sense tells us that the inside of a car can become stiflingly, dangerously hot after sitting for just a few minutes. Still hundreds of people kill their pets each year by leaving them in their car. There’s even a report of eleven police dogs dying from heatstroke after being left in cars.

The thinking person will consider this: What’s the first thing you do when you climb into gorgebirdbathyour car after it’s been sitting in the sun on a hot day? You roll the window down and start the air conditioning. Yet, it doesn’t seem to register with some people when they leave Fido or Fluffy in the car just “for just a few minutes” with little or no air circulation while they go off shopping in an air-conditioned store.

But a hot car isn’t the only danger for pets on a summer day. Dogs and cats can suffer from heat-related illness by becoming overheated at the park, in an unshaded dog run, even just being outside without water to drink or play in, for example.

If you’re not familiar with heat-related illnesses in pets, take a minute to visit these sites. Learn to recognize the signs and the actions you can take to ward off disaster for your pet.

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