Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – GoPro for Cats

smokey-004Are you one of the growing number of people who keep an eye on their kids or pets while traveling or at work by installing cameras in the home? Yesterday we talked about the dangers of letting your cat outside. But for those cats who roam or who may escape, wouldn’t it be a kick to equip them with a camera and find out what they do all day?

My mother has a cat that cannot be corralled. He leaves the house every morning around eight and returns for supper. Where does he go? What does he do? I’ve always wondered. So in my next Klepto Cat Mystery story, we will find out. That is, I’ll create a story around this theme.

Rags (the klepto cat) and his friend, Dolly, find their way out of the house and are gone for smokeybee-014a few days. Because they return with some evidence, it has become important to find out where they traveled and what they’d been doing. So Deputy Craig Sledge has put out a plea to the community asking for eye witness reports of the cats’ activities, surveillance camera footage, etc.

Unlike some cozy mysteries, I do not typically tell my stories through the cats’ point of view. The mysteries are human-driven from the human point of view. But in this story, readers will be able to follow Rags through the streets, neighborhoods, and businesses and be privy to just what a cat on the run might do, see, and experience.

Of course, this experiment results in clearing up a mystery. I’ll announce when the book (Klepto Cat Mystery number 19) is published. Watch for it in August or September.

In the meantime, have you read the latest Klepto Cat Mystery? It’s Cats in Cahoots. CatsInCahoots-cover-webReaders and reviewers love this light mystery which is loaded with kitty and kid action. https://www.amazon.com/Cats-Cahoots-Klepto-Mystery-Book-ebook/dp/B01H9N2A9Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1467810386&sr=8-1&keywords=cats+in+cahoots+fry

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