Frivolous Friday—Pets Who Come Home From War

010Last night I saw a touching story on the news of a soldier and his family welcoming home a cat he’d befriended as a kitten in Baghdad. I decided to share something about that in today’s blog. How surprised I was to learn how many dogs and cats are being reunited with their military rescuers through kindly organizations such as Operation Baghdad Pups (and Cats).

There’s a lot of war stories on the news. But we don’t hear much about the part animals play in the soldiers’ world. Some of them, for example, find a measure of solace in rescuing dogs or cats (puppies and kittens) and caring for them while serving their country.

But what happens when they are discharged? That’s when Operation Baghdad Pups (and

Cats) kicks in. This organization helps to bring the pets to the US to live a safer, healthier life in the homes of the soldiers who they’ve come to rely upon. This program is part of the SPCA International. According to their website, they’ve helped over 500 service members’ animals since 2008. And this is with the help of other agencies and organizations such as FedEx. Not only do they make sure the animal gets the shots and clearance they need to be welcomed into the US, they arrange for the trip to their new homes. They also help with the expense of moving pets when military families are transferred.

I’m touched by the stories of our heroes becoming heroes to stray animals and following through by giving them a forever home in the US. But I also realize that, not only does the pet benefit, these dogs and cats serve to help the soldier readjust to life away from the battlefield.

To learn more or to donate,

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