Bring Your Best Game Thursday–Most Famous Cats on Internet

CatsBirdofParadise 045Yesterday I said I’d present some of the cats who live with famous people in history and celebrities. However, when I started my research, I came across a site I couldn’t resist and I decided to share it with you, instead.

Ever visit and check out the most famous cats on the Internet? There are some interesting cats, like Kitler–I swear, he looks just like Hitler. There’s Nala, billed as the shocked cat and Colonel Meow, who has made the Guinness World Book of Records for the longest cat hair.

Of course, this list includes Grumpy Cat and the angriest cat as well as a vampire cat, the cutest cat and Honey Bee, a blind hiking cat.

This is another reminder that a cat is not a cat is not a cat. They come in more flavors than Jelly Bellys, more purrsonalities than a Gemini, and more shapes, sizes, and cattitudes than most any other animal species.

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