Bring Your Best Game Thursday—Big Give Away

bookcoversFREE a Klepto Cat Mystery of your choice or a copy of Catscapades, True Cat Tales for you or as a Mother’s Day gift for your favorite Mom, PLUS two sets of Klepto Cat Mystery note cards. Be the first new person to subscribe to the Catscapades blog. Second and third to sign up will receive the Kindle version of the Klepto Cat Mystery of your choice.

Go to and click on “Subscribe to Catscapades,” above.

The Fine Print

Print books and note cards will be sent to an address within the United States only.

Why Sign Up For This Blog?

At Catscapades, we share all things CAT—photos, stories, trivia, news items, and information. We strive to educate and entertain. And, of course, we keep you updated as to what’s going on in the Klepto Cat Mystery factory.

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