Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday—The Adventures of a Klepto Cat

Smokey, AKA the Klepto Cat

Smokey, AKA the Klepto Cat

Rags is the cat featured most prominently in my Klepto Cat Mysteries. I thought it would be fun to share some of his adventures with you today. If you haven’t read all of the books yet or even any of them, you might be surprised at some of the situations this ordinary cat finds himself in. As we’ve established, he can’t “talk” himself out of these predicaments. He’s a cat, after all. But he has experiences most cats only dream of (or can’t possibly imagine).

In A Picture-Purrfect Christmas, he rides a horse in order to get to the area where he can find his missing friend, Marissa. No, he doesn’t jump on the horse and take hold of the reins. Savannah, his person, puts him in a soft carrier and lays it across the saddle. Then secures him on a leash and follows him to where Marissa is being held.

In Cat-Eye Witness, he witnesses a murder and, using his most cat-like qualities and instincts, he makes it clear who the culprit is. He earned acclaim from the local sheriff’s department for his efforts in this story.

In Meow for the Money, Rags finds a lost cat and stays with her all night keeping her Meow For Money-cover-final-1000pxwarm and safe until they are found in the morning.

In The Colony Cat Caper, his intense curiosity scores him a high five from authorities when he single-pawed finds some gems that have been missing for many years in an old abandoned building.

In Undercover Cat, Rags reveals a clue to where a friend might be held. Because of that, she is found and saved in the nick of time.

In Celebrity Cat Caper, he discovers a secret room at a local library where he’s a therapy cat for slow-readers. The room, of course, holds a secret someone hoped would never be revealed.

In Mansion of Meows, Rags discovers a dirty secret and caused complete havoc for a wealthy family who’d hoped to take their secret to the grave. His efforts freed a young man from a lifetime of imprisonment.

PAWSitively Sinister, a Klepto Cat MysteryIn PAWSitively Sinister, this amazing cat and his pawtner, Koko uncovered the most disturbing remains imaginable hidden deep in the belly of a beautiful mansion.

In the latest story, Cabin FURvor, Rags finds himself in serious trouble when he jumps out of a boat at night and lands on a dead body found floating in the lake. Need I say more to entice you to read this one?

Yes, leave it to Rags to cause a stir or stir up trouble. But he also has great instincts and a curiosity that won’t quit and he’s a likable cat that everyone loves, except, of course, the bad guys. Find all of the Klepto Cat Mysteries at amazon.com. http://amzn.to/1kAI8I2

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