Newsday Tuesday—Cats in the News

Lily and FriendIt is estimated that fifteen percent of all Internet traffic is connected to cats. I guess that’s why such biggies as the Huffington Post actually has a link to their cat-related stories. If you love true cat stories, this is not to be missed. You’ll find stories of unlikely friends involving cats, a cat that rode stuck in a car bumper for eight miles and walked away like nothing had happened. Meet a train station cat with his own uniform, a cat that cleans floors, a cat that took a beautiful selfie and tips for taking care of your cat. Did you know some professionals believe you should not feed a cat from a bowl? Do you know how to tell if your cat is in pain? How does catnip actually affect cats—is it safe?

Read all of these stories and more here: And if you’d like a daily dose of cat news, consider subscribing to the Pussington Post.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to bring you stories, information, perspective, news, and pictures, as well as resources all related to cats.

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