Mindful Cat Monday—Cat Love

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you remember your cat on Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you put her plate of cat food in a heart-shape when you fed her. Or you presented him with a new toy. Maybe you just spent more time scratching him behind the ears.

We wonder sometimes if our feline pets actually feel a sense of emotion for us or if they just know which side their bread is buttered on and are bent on milking us for every handout they can get. Do cats feel affection or do they simply know how to get what they want?

I like to think that when Sophie cuddles on my lap or when Lily rubs against me and responds to my petting that they’re expressing something akin to love. And I wondered what the experts say on this subject. If you’ve wondered, too, here are some links you might find interesting:




One expert says cats finagle themselves into the most inconvenient, awkward spots because they want to be next to you when you sleep.

Another one says that a cat blink can be a gesture of affection.

How does your cat show love?

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