Frivolous Friday–Meet my artist

People love my Klepto Cat Mystery book covers. Today, I’d like to introduce my artist, Bernadette Kazmarski at

As you can see, she does commissioned art, photography, poetry and she writes. Her site is beautiful and full of her artwork and photos of interesting cats.

ClawsFor Cause-coverHow does one work with an artist to develop a cover. I’m sure there are a number of possible scenarios. For Bernadette and me, I give her an idea of the storyline and, if I have an inkling as to what I want to feature on the cover, I’ll tell her that. Sometimes she nails it right away. Other times, we go back and forth a couple of times before we decide it’s purrfect. One thing I don’t have to spend a lot of time describing is the catitude I want. I describe it and she captures it. Check out her site and you’ll see how talented and intuitive she is when it comes to cats. Here’s a sneak peek at the latest cover–book to debut soon.

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