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Meowy Monday – It’s International Cat Day

Yes, another cat holiday. I went on a search to find out how many cat “holidays” there are and I learned that there are MANY. Some of them are combined into “pet” holidays, including all pets, but there are still … Continue reading

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Feline Fun Friday – What’s Happening in the CC and KC Mystery Factory?

I have to admit I took a time out this summer. It’s been a long time coming. I spent four glorious days with my three daughters at a beach house in Pismo, the following week we took a road trip … Continue reading

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Paws Up for Wednesday – Thousands of Blog Posts Later

I’ve been posting here for 13 years and I’ve shared thousands of posts on a variety of topics related to cats—cat art, feeding cats, caring for cats, cat psychology, cat DNA, cat stories, cat books, cat personalities, indoor-versus-outdoor cats, purebred … Continue reading

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Meowy Monday – Cat Headline News

Certainly when we want specific information or perspective related to cats we do an internet search, but I found a site this week that carries stories on just about any cat-related topic you can imagine—medical, safety, events, news, rescue, statistics—this … Continue reading

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