Frivolous Friday – Cats that Serve in the Military

sophielily-011I thought this was an interesting focus on cats—there really are cats who work for the military and who help with moral. Check out the some of the cats of war, cats at sea, and military working programs involving cats. Fascinating.

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Thoughts for Thursday – A Cat-a-Day

Smokey, AKA the Klepto Cat

Smokey, AKA the Klepto Cat

Cat-a-Day. I love my cat-a-day calendar. Each day, I turn the page and get a picture of a different cat with information about the cat or an aspect of cats in general. Yesterday, for example, there’s a picture of a cute kitty named Boris Sherlock from Knoxville, TN chewing on his blankie. The message is about cats who may have a nutritional deficiency—who may need more fiber. It is recommended for such cats, that you add canned pumpkin to his diet. (Not the ready-made pie pumpkin, but pure pumpkin.) Pumpkin is great for helping improve an ill or ailing cats’ appetite, as well.

Today’s calendar cat is sitting next to a couple of containers of cat grass and it talks about the value of feeding your cat grass. She will probably toss it up and stain your carpeting, because she can’t digest it, but experts say that can be a good thing. The process can also bring up other things that might be disturbing your cat’s digestive process—a fur ball, for example.

There’s a cool site that introduces a cat-a-day. Check it out here: If you have a special cat (and aren’t they all special?), you can nominate him or her to be featured at this site. Let us know if your cat is chosen and we’ll feature him or her here, too.

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – NEW Klepto Cat Mystery!!

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Product DetailsAnd this CATventure that will keep you on your toes.

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Newsday Tuesday – Danger in the Medicine Cabinet

SmokeyWPixAre you ever tempted to give your cat medicine intended for human consumption? I know, most of you probably think this is an off-the-wall question. But, according to the Pet Poison Hotline website, nearly fifty percent of the calls they receive regarding pets who have ingested something toxic, involve human medications.

Some well-meaning owners actually give their cats human medication. But probably the most common way a cat gets medication intended for humans is when you inadvertently drop a pill, only to have an active cat or a kitten dive for it. Some cats will eat what they find.

Should you give your dog’s medication to a cat? According to the experts, absolutely not. Meds that are safe for dogs, often times are not safe for cats.

Sure, vets will recommend a human medication to treat an animal on occasion, but this is not something you should do on your own—ever. Here are some of the common meds that can harm your cat: anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. Tylenol, (acetaminophen) is extremely dangerous to cats. Do not give them Excedrin or over-the-counter cold remedies such as Theraflu. Diabetes medicine can play havoc with a cat’s system, as can antidepressants, blood pressure meds, birth control pills, and medicine for ADHD.

A good rule of thumb is to have a good relationship with your veterinarian and never ever give your cat anything without checking with your vet first.

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Mindful Monday – No Chocolate for Cats

The Party is Over

The Party is Over

Are you aware that chocolate is toxic to cats? But why would a cat nibble on chocolate, anyway? Cats don’t generally have a sweet tooth. They are, however, curious and sometimes bored and prone to experimentation.

Typically, we wouldn’t expect a cat to jump on the counter or the table and devour anything but maybe a turkey sandwich, leftover bacon, or the milk left in your cereal bowl. A cat would surely dive into a dish of vanilla ice cream or yogurt. But chocolate? Oh yes.

One night a friend brought her decadent chocolate frosted brownies to share. After everyone left and we had retired, I remembered that I had not covered the remaining brownies. When I entered the kitchen, however, I was shocked to see our Himalayan, Katy, on the table, helping herself to the brownies. She was actually licking the frosting. Yikes! That’s the first time I’d ever heard of a cat wanting to eat chocolate. And upon further research, that’s when I learned that chocolate is a definite no-no for cats.

According to experts, chocolate can cause, among other things, seizures, coma, and death. In fact, the chocolate considered best for people—dark chocolate—is one of the chocolates highest in the toxins that are dangerous for cats.

So folks, keep chocolate away from your cats and dogs. A kitten or puppy might be attracted to the shiny wrapping on dark chocolate kisses, for example. Your half-eaten candy bar may be of interest to a curious cat or dog. And any pet who is attached to you and who wants to be where you are and share what you have, could be a sitting duck for poison by chocolate, particularly if you are a choco-holic.

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Frivolous Friday – Comical Cats

LilyOwlIMG_2288Laughter is healing. And people with cats around probably laugh more than the ordinary householder. How does your cat tickle your funny bone? What antics does she engage in that makes you crack up?

We do a lot of laughing and smiling around here. Just looking into Sophie’s and Lily’s little faces makes me smile. And I love watching the drama those two create most evenings when they challenge each other to a girl fight. There are no winners or losers in these rumbles. But they are entertaining as all get out to watch. First the two of them sit close and stare at one another. Then ears go back and paws are raised. They slap at each other’s paws a few times, then one of them dives into the other with a kitty-style body slam and the chase is on.

Watching a cat play is charmingly sweet. From the look on her face to the cute body action, a playful cat can hold my attention for hours.

For your enjoyment, here’s a video that sure made me laugh. I hope you get some healing laughter from it, too.

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Thoughts for Thursday – Your Cat’s Personality

sept2016-003Is the cat you adopted the same cat who once lived with another family? I mean does your cat display the same characteristics and habits he did before you took him in? Probably not. While a cat comes with certain traits—probably both inbred and learned—those traits might manifest in different ways in different home environments.

For example, a cat who is shy, might thrive in a quiet home with only one or two adult occupants. The same cat, however, in a home with children and a lot of activity and visitors, will probably quickly find a hidey spot and spend a lot of time there.

A more boisterous, active cat may become over-stimulated in a chaotic home and even develop some bad habits, such as attacking ankles, biting the hand that plays with him, and even destructive behavior—shredding paper, clawing furniture, and so forth.

If you want a quiet lap cat, make sure your home environment is suited to a docile cat. If you want to be entertained by an active clown of a cat, choose one that shows this characteristic when you visit the shelter—see if you can engage her in robust play. Then, make sure she has plenty of toys, climbing apparatus, etc to keep her stimulated and make time to play with her one-on-one.

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Games For Cats

lily-with-treats-030They say that a stimulated, busy cat is a well-behaved, delightful pet. And one way to keep your cat occupied and active is through cat games. Would you believe they even have electronic games for cats? Here’s one you can play with your cat—a togetherness activity.

Here are a few more electronic games your cat might like. Beware—if you have a plastic screen protector on your iPad or computer screen, the cat’s claws might damage it.

And Friskies has created some electronic games, as well. Check them out and let me know if your cat is into them.

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Newsday Tuesday – Cats Rescued From Disaster

010They found another cat in the rubble of the Italian quake. Sixteen days after the quake, Pietro was heard meowing for help and was successfully rescued. Gioia was rescued nine days after the disaster. And I think you’ve all read about Romeo, the Golden Retriever who was found alive.

What’s it like to lose your cat—to be separated from her or him after a disaster? I recall meeting a gentleman in Santa Barbara once who had adopted a cat several weeks after a huge fire in the area. He figured the cat ran from the fire and, with no home to go home to, he began to wander, finally finding his way to this good Samaritan’s home.

Recently, I read of a cat that disappeared, only to be found in a neighbor’s garage three months later—thin, weak, but alive.

A friend of ours lost his home to an out of control fire here in CA last month. He wasn’t home at the time, but his dog was. Once he was able to go into the area, he began searching for Maggie. Eventually, a neighbor told him animal control picked her up and he found her at the shelter.

Disasters that come upon us quickly and with more force than expected, can dramatically endanger, not only our lives, but the lives of our pets. And we rely on others to help when we  suddenly lose control of our environment.

Along these lines, I read an interesting story about the rescue policies and practices during photogeorgeKatrina. I was stunned and appalled. I think we all read about hoards of people giving up their lives in order to travel to New Orleans and help with the enormous number of animals that were rescued during the storms. I always had images of people helping people with their pets throughout the ordeal. However, according to this story, in the beginning, when rescuers arrived to help stranded people, they were told there were no provisions for pets. Pets were to be left behind. Many people died along with their pets because they wouldn’t leave Fido and Fluffy.

What happened next, I believe, may have changed rescue agencies’ policies forever. At least I hope so. We’ve all seen newsbytes showing animals being rescued in all sorts of situations and disasters. And perhaps this is in part due to a spunky woman named Charlotte Bass Lilly. This is a must-read story of how she became involved in helping to gather up the cats and dogs running the streets, floating down waterways, etc. during the aftermath of Katrina.

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Mindful Monday – Health by Cat Genetics

BrucieKittyI came across a couple of interesting studies recently, revealing some genetic abnormalities in some cat breeds. For example, professionals have found that Korats are prone to asthma, the ragdoll is susceptible to renal disease, and the Burmese, because breeders are trying to breed for a rounder head, is suffering craniofacial deformities

Some other breeds, it seems, inherit disorders specific to the breed. For example, the Scottish fold is prone to disorders in the development of bone and cartilage. The Manx has a tendency toward spina bifida, the Maine coon cat’s weakness is in the muscles. They tend to get spinal muscular atrophy. The Devon Rex, can also develop a muscle disease and the Siamese is prone to many health problems, including respiratory problems. Then there’s the really flat-face (Peke face) Persian, many of whom suffer breathing, sinus, and tear duct issues.

Retinal atrophy can be a problem in some cat breeds, including the Munchkin, Siamese, and Singapura.

The Abyssinian is a relatively healthy cat. The main health issue I found while researching cookiepartyatperrys2011-041healthy breeds is a tendency toward stress. Some Abyssinians engage in excessive grooming—a sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The Abyssinian is a very old breed coming from Ethiopia—formerly Abyssinia as early as 1860. This is the fifth most popular breed now in the US.

I found a list of the healthiest cat breeds. Here are a few—the Ragamuffin, American Shorthair, Russian blue, British shorthair and Turkish van.

Most agree that the healthier cat is the cat with varied heritage. Is that what you’ve found to be true in your experience with cats?


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