From the Cat’s Point of View

By now, you know I’m an author. I produced my first book nearly 40 years ago and, guess what? It was animal-related. But it didn’t involve a cat and it wasn’t fiction. That book, published in 1978 by A.S. Barnes and Co. was Hints for the Backyard Rider. Yes, I was into horses at the time and the horse was the first topic I wrote about. Now, however, I focus on cats—in particular Rags, the kleptomaniac cat in my Klepto Cat Mystery series.

As with any author, I’m always searching for effective ways to get word out about my fun cozy mysteries. Today, I received an interesting message from Sand Beckwith of Build Book Buzz. She suggested that many major publishers are letting their fictional characters speak to the readers through social media. It occurred to me that maybe you would enjoy hearing from Rags, the klepto cat in my stories—life and living from his point of view. Although Rags doesn’t talk in my stories, I think it would be fun to give him a voice in this blog—at least occasionally. I’d like your feedback on this idea.

1: Would you like to hear from Rags himself?

2: What would you like him to focus on?

3: Do you have a specific question you’d like to ask him?
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Smokey, AKA the Klepto Cat

Smokey, AKA the Klepto Cat

Who is Rags? Well, he’s a mix. He looks like my mother’s cat Smokey (pictured here). He steals things and carries them around in his mouth like my sweet tabby Lily. And he demonstrates a variety of CATtitudes, demeanors, actions, activities, and purrsonalities of various cats I’ve known and loved over the years.

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