Safety First With Cats

My grandson has adopted a kitten and, when I visit Baby Brucie (named for Batman), it comes to mind how many measures you must take when you introduce a new kitten into your home. Of course, most of us consider the demeanor and intentions of the resident cat—which are sometimes far from benign. And we’re aware of certain potential hazards—such as the toilet, the out-of-doors, and rodent poisons, for example.

But there’s so much more to consider in keeping a kitten (or a curious, active cat) safe in frypay11your home. And hazards can crop up when you least expect it. A kitten or cat might get tangled in cords from blinds, chew electrical cords, eat string or ribbon, eat a poisonous flower from a bouquet, upset a cup of hot coffee—tea, fall from a high place, pull heavy objects on top of himself, get stepped on…the list is long and frightening. Those kittens that go outside can get hit by a car; attacked by a dog, wild animal or larger cat; get lost… This cat liked to climb into the stove and refrigerator–in fact they called him Fridgie.

I won’t even go into the rather bizarre accidents I’ve heard of involving a cat—but I can tell you I’ve learned to keep coat hangers out of their reach, be careful about lazy Susan and slide out cupboards, make sure old wooden windows are secure when open and that screens cannot be easily removed by an active cat.

LilyChairRecently, I remodeled my office and, for some reason, six-year-old Lily kitty likes to hang out around the wheels of my office chair. That was a real hazard when she was small. I couldn’t roll in or out from my desk without checking for her whereabouts. Again, she has my attention in that regard. I barely nicked a paw one day with my chair wheels. She didn’t learn a lesson, but I did. Now I don’t roll without looking for Lily.

The Klepto Cat Mysteries

Rags, in my Klepto Cat Mystery series probably lives the most precarious existence of any real life cat and he seems to be charmed. He always comes out on top and in good shape. This week, Brenda over at Kitty Crochet ( is featuring the spookiest of the Klepto Cat Mysteries this week. I’ll be guest blogger on Friday. Be sure to visit! Order your print or Kindle copies of any of the 13 Klepto Cat Mysteries, including the NEW Christmas story, here:

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