Klepto Cat Mysteries Blog Tour Starts Tomorrow!!

Lily and Sophie

Lily and Sophie

My blog tour starts tomorrow—March 9 through March 15. That’s right, every day next week, the Klepto Cat Mysteries will be featured at a different blog site. Join us Monday right here at Catscapades where we’ll share a story from my book Catscapades, True Cat Tales. This is a true story of an obstinate cat and a determined human who were at serious odds with one another until they found a way to communicate.

Ever try using mind-talk with your cat? Once you read “Daisy and the Cat Carrier Caper,” I think you’ll have a new respect for cats and a greater awareness of how they communicate.

See our full blog tour schedule in the March 3, 2015 post right here at the Catscapades blog site.

Join in, be entertained, learn something about the author of the Klepto Cat Mysteries, fiction-writing, and writing with cats.  Enjoy a post by Lily–the author’s cat, and sign up to win copies of some of the Klepto Cat Mysteries.

There will be giveaways offered at the following stopovers:

Tuesday (March 10) at Miki’s Hope

Thursday (March 12) at Mochas Mysteries and Meows

Saturday (March 14) at Rhonda Reads A Lot

(See links to all the blog sites in the March 3 post here at Catscapades. Each stopover will be announced here every day of the week, as well.)

Don’t miss out!

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