Meowy Monday – What’s Happening in the Klepto and Calico Cat Mystery Factory?

For those of you who missed the announcements, we have two new books for your spring reading pleasure almost back-to-back.

Maybe you noticed that we came out with two books in January—Olivia’s Perilous Curtain Call (Book 18 of Olivia’s series) on January 18 and Meow or Never (Book 68 or the Klepto Cat series) on January 31.

Well, we did it again in March. I published The Good, the Bad, and Olivia (Book 19) on March 11 and Within Paw’s Reach (Book 69 in the Klepto Cat Mystery series) on March 26.

So what’s happening now in the factory? Promotion, of course, and, yup, we have two more books in the works. You’d think I was twins.

Book 20 of the Calico Cat series is with the editor this week. It should go to print before the end of April.

I’m half-way through the first rough draft of Book 70 of the Klepto Cat series. Expect it to debut sometime in May.

Moving right along.

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