In Celebration of the Cat

Winfield in the strawberry box

Winfield in the strawberry box

I hope you noticed the Catscapades Blog site was down for several weeks. We don’t know what happened and we had quite a time repairing it, but the Catscapades Blog it is now up and running again with a brand new look. I like the look, don’t you?

This post is a few days late, but I’m dedicating it to National Cat Day, which was October 29, 2014. This day was founded in hopes that people would recognize the number of cats that need rescuing and to remind us to celebrate the cats in our lives.

I’m sitting here at the moment wondering how one cannot appreciate the cats in their lives when they are so much a part of our lives. As I type this to you, Max, our 16-year-old, 16-ton (I mean pound) formerly feral snow shoe-type cat is taking up a LOT of room on my lap. He is purring me a beautiful song. And Lily, our sweet 5-year-old tabby is pawing at Max and staring daggers at him because she thinks it’s her turn on the lap. Who says cats are aloof? But they can be demanding.

There’s a four-day celebration going on in Los Angeles this week—the first ever Hello Kitty Con. This event celebrates Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday. What a colorful, cheerful event.

If you have a cat, take time out to celebrate her (his) uniqueness and marvelous contributions to your life. If you don’t have one, but have room in your heart for one, consider adopting or rescuing. Don’t turn your back on the fact that there are still way too many cats and kittens being left behind.

Thousands of people have enjoyed reading my Klepto Cat Mystery books. As a reader of these books, not only do you get a healthy dose of fun cat energy, a suspenseful light  mystery throughout, and benefit of some healthy family and friendship activity, but there’s a thread running through designed to remind us of our responsibility to cats and the amazing gifts they generously share.

The weather is turning cold outside. Open your cozy home and your heart to a

n abandoned cat and curl up with him or her while reading the next in the Klepto Cat Mystery series.

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