Meowy Monday – Turning Fiction Into Teaching Opps

I don’t always realize it when it’s happening, but I do quite a bit of teaching in my fiction books. Maybe it’s because of my background—forty years writing nonfiction articles and books. I can’t not teach.

Sometimes I don’t realize I’m doing it, but readers are starting to mention it and thank me for it and tell me how much they appreciate it. I’m so glad because, like everyone else who writes or teaches or creates art or…I want to make a difference. And part of making a difference is to share, to open minds, to offer new ideas ideas, and to  teach. I guess I do this and people are noticing. For example, here are a few reviews for the Calico and Klepto Cat Mysteries:

“I love these books so much, not only for the stories, but for the teaching moments. Thank you Ms. Fry for your teachable moments.”

Others have posted similar comments:

“It’s a crazy world and books like these can make a difference.”

“I liked this book because it’s very educational.”

“This author is knowledgeable and these books are informative.”

I get emails from readers thanking me for offering so much in my stories to delight, entertain, and teach.

In my world, writing is my outlet, but it’s also my gift to others and my gift includes entertainment, of course, but also education when I can offer it and definitely moments of insight and awareness for readers.

You’re welcome.

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