Paws Up For Wednesday – What’s Happening in the Klepto Cat and Calico Cat Mystery Factory?

It’s been quiet around here this past week or so as I work on the next Klepto Cat Mystery. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading the latest one—It’s Meow or Never. In this story Olivia joins Rags on a wild horseback adventure, and Savannah and Parker team up to solve another sticky cat mystery.

The most recent Calico Cat Mystery features Olivia on stage. Of course there are rumbles backstage that make this one of Olivia’s most action-packed stories. Be sure to order or download Olivia’s Perilous Curtain Call. I think you’ll like it.

But wait, there’s more coming. Later this month or early March I’ll announce publication of Olivia’s book 19. It’s with the editor as we speak. After another round of edits/proofing here in the factory I’ll turn it over to the ebook and print book formatters, then we publish. Hint: this book will tickle the fancy of people who enjoy exploring some of the amazing and mysterious abilities of the cat.

Meanwhile, I’m working on Rags’s book 69. Just doing my best to keep you in reading material.

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