Paws Up For Wednesday – Kitty Poo Club, Plus

This is a first for me—a subscription litter box for your cats. Yes, you join the Kitty Poo Club (at a discount right now, I might add, and receive a leak-free, stink-free, disposable litter box and your choice of litter every 30 days. Oh, and shipping is free.

They claim to have 25,000 5-star reviews globally. Sounds like there are a lot of happy customers and happy cats. Check it out here: Kitty Poo Club

Here’s another product your cat might enjoy. We built a perch at a window for our cats, but here’s an idea for windows without a sill. It’s called AmosiJoy Window Perch and it is held on by large strong suction cups. Check it out at Amazon for around $30.

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