Paws Up for Wednesday – NEW Calico Cat AUDIO Book

There’s always something happening in the Calico Cat Mystery factory. This month we’ve taken advantage of, yet, another service offered by Amazon and we’ve created our first Calico Cat Mystery audio book. It’s available here, now.

Which book in the series did we choose to record? The first one, of course: Oh! Olivia. For those of you who haven’t read this book because you prefer listening, Oh! Olivia was the first in the Calico Cat series—the introduction into the series. Here’s the description for that book:

“Olivia, the sweet and sassy calico, struts her stuff in this story. She locates a lost toddler and ends up getting herself arrested. She isn’t about to take this insult lying down, however. She escapes from custody and trashes the police station. Olivia alerts her person, Parker, to trouble when they visit her aunt’s home and find that the woman has detained a burglar in a most unusual way. Olivia also finds major clues in a convoluted cat colony mystery, one that promises a glimmer of hope for a long-grieving parent.”

Order your print, kindle, or audio book here:


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  1. Mollie Hunt says:

    Oops! I mean, Congratulations!

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