Paws Up for Wednesday – National Pet Travel Day

Not only is January 2nd Happy Mew Year, it is also National Pet Travel Safety Day. If you plan to travel with your cat this year—you’re moving to a new location with your cat, you’re taking her on an extended visit with friends or family, or you want to go adventuring with your cat, learn about travel safety measures (for your car) and regulations (for public transportation).

Great strides have taken place to keep your cat safe when traveling with her by car—there are car seats, travel carriers, restraints for cats, etc.

As for regulations, check the train or airline rules for pet travel before launching out with your cat (or dog).

I suggest taking some maiden voyages in your car and on public transportation before you take off on your planned trip. If your cat isn’t accustomed to visiting new places and being around unfamiliar people, you might want to start preparing her—leash-train her. Visit willing neighbors with your cat and make it a pleasant experience, low-key, quiet, and maybe involving treats and toys.

If your cat tends to stress easily, talk to your vet about a sedative and follow his directions explicitly.

You’ll find that if you plan to travel with your cat for the first time, you’ll probably need to put more thought into making her comfortable and calm than you ever have when preparing yourself for a trip. Just focus on her comfort level and safety.

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