Meowy Monday – National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Most of us take our cats to a veterinarian for wellness checks once a year, to get their booster vaccines, and anytime they appear under the weather or have sustained an injury, for example.

On National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day you might consider getting your cat chipped. What does this mean? A tiny rice-size chip is implanted just under the skin and it is programmed with the cat’s name, your name, and your contact information. Should your cat get out and get lost or be taken, anyone can take the cat to any veterinarian to have him checked for a chip. If he has one, you are liable to get your cat back. That would be a happy day.

Cats that aren’t supposed to get out sometimes do—when there are visitors in your home, especially small children, who don’t always remember to close doors behind them. Cats escape when you’re getting a delivery that has to be brought inside, or when you have workers inside—remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, for example. Moving day provides numerous opportunities for a cat to slip out. If it happens at your new residence there’s a good chance that the cat could get lost.

Cats also push too hard on screens and fall or jump out windows.

People take cats, cats that are allowed out of doors and cats are sometimes chased by a dog or another cat and get too far from home.

You may be able to relate to one of many of these possible scenarios. I sure can. So if you have not yet done so, this would be a good week to take your cat to the vet even if all she needs is a chip to keep her safe.

Interesting tidbit—the first veterinarians were known to care for animals as early as 3200 BC. The first veterinary college was established in the United Kingdom in 1844 and the first veterinary school in the US opened in 1879.

Today there are over 120,000 veterinarians practicing in the United States.

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