Meowy Monday – What’s New For Cats

As you know cats are a big deal and big business. Companies are coming up with more and more ideas for consumers with cats. While doing some research the other day for a story I discovered that there are wipes designed specific for cats. You know, if you need to do a quick wipe of a cat who got spilled on or who rolled in something icky—it happens. These are also good for cleaning excess dander from a cat’s fur before cat-allergic guests arrive. If you want to do a quick wipe of your cat’s fur and avoid the trauma of giving her a bath, consider keeping pet wipes on hand. Be sure to choose those that are safe for cats (not only dogs).

I wondered what else was new for cats. (I hope Olivia wasn’t watching over my shoulder, lest she decides to go on a major online shopping spree). Here are a few things I found:

  • Wall-mounted cat trees. Great fun. If you have a bare wall in your house and active cats, consider checking out the variety of cat trees, shelves, condos, perches, cubbies you can adhere right to your wall.
  • Calming diffusers for cats with a strong sense of smell.
  • Heated cat house for the outdoor cats.
  • Cat strollers with netting so they can see the world from a place of safety.
  • A wall mounted scratching pad.
  • Light therapy for pets with injuries.
  • Cat-friendly toothbrushes.
  • Water fountains. The first time I even considered that a cat would be interested in running water was when someone gave me a serenity fountain. Well, it soon became the cats’ water fountain. Now of course Olivia has a water fountain designed just for cats.

What’s the latest and greatest product you’ve bought your cat, lately?

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