Unique Volunteer Opportunities for Shelter Pets

lily-007There are a lot of people volunteering on behalf of animals and some of them are more creative than others. Most, for example, donate funds or give some of their time caring for and/or socializing cats and dogs at shelters and rescue facilities. Others come up with some creative ways to help the unwanted cat and dog population. Here are some that I know of. Maybe you can add to this inspiring list:

1: One woman I know video tapes cats and dogs in a shelter to be played, not only at the shelter’s website, but in the front windows of several popular stores downtown. There’s nothing like seeing an animal’s personality shining through in a video to endure the public to him or her.

2: A professional photographer I know has teamed up with a pet groomer to make the cat or dog look their best for their portraits. Once she took the most charming portraits of some of the animals with elderly people and children and hung them around town to get exposure for the shelter pets.

3: Another woman makes little quilts for shelter cats and dogs.

4: Some people have extraordinary organization and event-planning skills and they jump in to help shelter animals by creating fund-raisers.

5: Many writers and authors help animals on a large scale by educating the public through articles and stories for readers of all ages. Even fiction can contain important messages related to animals rescue and care.

Do you know someone who is providing a unique service for shelter animals? I’d love to mention it to my readers. Leave a comment here or at my facebook page: www.facebook.com/kleptocatmysteries or email me: PLFry620@yahoo.com

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