Paws Up for Wednesday – New Neighborhood Cat Photos

These two cats are probably housemates. I wonder if they’re siblings. I found them lounging in front of a house in our neighborhood and could not resist photographing them. Can you blame me? These are the sort of neighbors I’d love to invite in for kibbles and meow-versation. (Cat conversation—get it?)

My walks used to be about getting exercise in the fresh air, taking a break from the computer, clearing my mind after a busy day writing, getting a fresh viewpoint and maybe some new story ideas. I’ve added cat stalking to that list of reasons for walking. I thoroughly enjoy photographing the cats I see.

Newsflash: I photographed a bob cat taking a bath in the preserve where I walk last week. That was a thrill to behold. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a very good picture of him because he was too far away.


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  1. Mishalch says:

    Love all the precious kitties. Cats are just the best.

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