Meowy Monday – There’s a NEW Klepto Cat Mystery in Town

In this story, Rags’s intuition reaches new levels.

While the Ivey family finishes off the summer with some exciting projects for a group of children, their friend Iris seems to have fallen victim to something darkly mysterious. Of course, Rags is involved in the fun and games, as well as the daunting mystery. He also uncovers a missing letter that could (and does) change someone’s life. He locates a beloved missing pet and helps rescue an injured dog. He even helps a group of children capture some escaped exotic birds. But his greatest contribution in this story is when his instincts kick in just in time to prevent a major tragedy among his human friends.

Reader Reviews

“Thank you, Patricia, for all this work. We love the world you’ve created.”

“I’m always looking forward to the next Rags mystery.”

“Once I start reading these books, I don’t want to put it down.”

“I can’t get enough of this series.”

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  1. I can’t wait to read this one.

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