Feline Fun Friday – What’s Your Cat’s IQ?

Okay, here’s a fun topic. You’re probably like me and you think your cat is on the high intelligent side. She shows you where her toys are hiding and entices you to dig them out from under a dresser or another piece of furniture. She lets you know when it’s time for supper or when she wants a treat. She has interesting habits like racing to your chair and jumping up in it before you sit down or sitting at your feet while you read or come running when you’re simply thinking about giving her some catnip. Your cat knows who she likes and even seems to know who’s at the door even before you do. She walks toward it when it’s someone she knows and runs away when it’s the delivery man or another stranger.

We’ve all had cats with interesting habits and skills. Lily recognized the delivery of her dried chicken treats and would beg us to open the box. Then she’d wrestle with the jars trying to get the treats to come out.

Olivia communicates to me when she wants the window blinds up so she can watch the world go by. She’s particularly enamored by large, loud trucks. EXCITING! Well, I thought she was pretty darn intelligent, so I tested her. Yes, I found a cat IQ test. The people behind this test take into consideration how a cat manipulates toys and figures out puzzling situations with her toys, how she examines and evaluates things, her social skills, whether or not they can tell time,  copy things you do, open cupboards, follow the sight of a squirrel or bird, tune into and participate in your daily routine.

So I took the test for Olivia (because she doesn’t read yet). I expected her to excel—be one of the high-functioning cats, but, alas—she fits smack dab in the middle—a high-middle, but still in the middle. The ballots are in—Olivia is simply normal. (Well, that is except for when I elevate her aptitude and intelligence when I write about her character in the Calico Cat Mysteries.) Here’s the test. Let us know how your cat did.


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