Mindful Monday – Artistic Cat Photography

You all know that I like photographing cats. I used to carry a camera while taking my daily walks, now I just use my phone camera to capture the cats I come across. I have a collection of cats in trees, on fences, peeking out from behind flowering plants, peering through windows, hunting, and just watching me pass by.

I also snap pictures of my cats and visiting neighboring cats. Like it was when we used film, there are a lot of wasted pictures. Now, however, you can just delete those that aren’t up to snuff. You don’t have to pay to have them developed. For me, that’s a major technological shift.

You’ve seen at least dozens of photos of our sweet Lily here and now of Olivia. I’m always trying to get a more creative shot and often I fail. As I go through my array of photos I have to say that most of those I like best are pictures I didn’t stage. These are either bloopers or the cat happened to strike a pose I couldn’t resist.

I’ll bet you have photos in these categories featuring some of your cats. I’d love to see them.

Today I’m showing a few of the photos I’ve taken over the years that were pretty much ooops shots, but that ended up being rather striking or interesting.


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