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The cat that inspired the book series

The cat that inspired the book series

Here is a slice of the great review Brenda wrote at her site this morning for Sleight of Paw. http://kittycrochettwo.blogspot.com is my last stop on my week-long blog tour during which I’ve promoted the Klepto Cat Mystery series. I hope you’ve stopped in and enjoyed the fun along the way.

An excerpt from Brenda’s review for Sleight of Paw

“The author easily pulls me in every time with her well written mysteries that blends characters, storylines, and of course our four legged friends that we have come to love in the previous books in this series to make for a page turning read that is satisfying from beginning to end. Several secondary characters keep the plot from slowing down, I found the story that developed with Brianna and Bud added another layer, and gave us a new romance to root for!  Not only do I recommend Sleight of Paw but the entire Klepto Cat Mystery series. Anyone who enjoys a good mystery that has a cozy feel, with interesting well developed characters and a clean storyline that provides more than a few twists, and a few laughs to boot will find themselves purring with delight as they read Sleight of Paw.

Read more reviews at the Patricia Fry book page or the Sleight of Paw page at http://www.amazon.com By the way, if you’ve read any of the series and liked or loved the book, leave your review at Amazon.com as well.

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