Thoughts for Thursday – Olivia’s Book Three Now an EBook

You can order the latest Calico Cat Mystery in both Kindle and print. I’d order the print version just for the cover. Isn’t it stunning? Here’s the description in case you missed it:

Then Came Olivia: Olivia helps untangle another CATastrophic mystery. Parker and Olivia team up with cat activist, Jaguar Katz, and his cat, Archie, in a most unusual and alarming cat-disappearance case. Who’s taking beloved cats from their homes in the sleepy mountain village and for what purpose? Some of the possibilities are terrifying. Olivia and Archie find clues that make no sense at all until a risky plot flushes out the surprising culprit in the most entertaining manner. Along the way, Olivia interacts with an array of cats, dogs, and their humans; she miraculously saves an injured cat; she escapes a near tragedy herself; she charms almost everyone she meets; and she leads the charge toward resolving the case.

Warning: This is a cozy mystery and it may contain heartwarming moments, a measure of suspense, a lot of cat activity, and at least a little frivolity and fun along the way.

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  1. Pearl T Hilden says:

    I love the book cover! It is absolutely stunning and eye-catching.

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