Newsday Tuesday – Jackpot—Author Interview and a Book Review

The blog tour continues and Olivia and I are having fun. Today Terry Ambrose features Olivia and me at his Mysteries with Characters blog site. Check in and learn more about what motivated me to start writing cozy mysteries and what keeps me at it.

Christy, at Christy’s Cozy Corners posts a new book review here:

In this review, again the issue of Oh! Olivia being a cliffhanger is raised. I’ve had readers downright angry with me for ending this book the way I did. I, however, did not consider this such an abrupt cliffhanger. The main story to me was what happened to all those people who disappeared years ago and why were their belongings being found in the cat colony. That mystery was solved at the end of the book. But one person was still missing under mysterious circumstances. She had been mentioned in the story a time or two. In the last chapter, Olivia finds a clue of a different kind, sending the search for that one person in a different direction—a purr-fect ending, I thought, and a subtle introduction into Book Two of the Calico Cat Mysteries, Where’s Olivia?

Note: I wish my new promo material had been completed before this blog tour. I sent several photos to the gal who sets up the tours, but unfortunately the same ones keep showing up on each site.

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