Frivolous Friday – Things You Can Learn From Cat Fiction

Some of you know, from reading my Klepto Cat Mysteries and now also my Calico Cat Mysteries, that I teach as I write. Actually, there are things to be learned in most books of fiction. You can’t write fiction without elements of truth—unless, I guess you write fantasy.

When I realized the number of topics I cover and the teaching that goes into my stories, I began to assemble a list of things readers can learn from reading my stories. So far I’ve listed 100-PLUS things.

What can you learn by reading my books? Here’s a short list:

  • Tips for traveling with cats.
  • What is TNR?
  • What does an outdoor cat do all day?
  • What causes someone to have no fingerprints?
  • Is there such a thing as a klepto cat?
  • Are cats intuitive?
  • Is milk good for cats?
  • Why are cats often associated with witchcraft?
  • How do cats differ from one another?
  • What really goes on in a cat hoarding situation?
  • How are cats used in therapy?

Want to see the entire list: Go to and click on “100 things you can learn.”

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