Thoughts for Thursday – Happenings in the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory

Even during a pandemic and the holidays—which are quieter than most years, but also awkward because of the national-world health crisis—we continue to write and produce the Klepto Cat Mysteries. Where are we in the process? I’m currently proofing the formatted print book version of Book 49—“In PURRsuit of the Unknown.” And I’m hoping the cover art is ready when the book is ready to publish. I’d like to bring the book to you before the end of the year, but this may be the first book of 2021.

Meanwhile Book 50 is fleshed out—the story is pretty well set and it will be published on the heels of Book 49. Do I have a plan or organized itinerary for production in 2021? No. My plan is to continue playing it by ear. As soon as I turn a book over to the beta readers and the editor, I’ll start writing the next one—hoping that an interesting, intriguing and fun storyline emerges. It always does.

Are you aware that we produced 8 books this year? What else am I going to do during lockdown? Thank heavens my brain and my hands are holding up because I sure have the time now to write.

Earlier this month a local reporter for our Ojai Valley News wrote an article celebrating my 90th book. Yes, Book 48 in the Klepto Cat Mystery series, “A Whisker of Truth,” was my 90th published book. I am blessed to have the ability and space to follow my dream. I’ve said in the past and it seems to still hold, “I can’t not write.”

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And Happy Christmas Eve to you all.

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