Frivolous Friday – Oh, That Kitten Energy

While watching Olivia express her joy at the dawning of a new day this week, it occurred to me how much a kitten can put into each moment. Here’s a peek into a nano-second of Olivia’s morning.

She leaps off the bed and beats me to bathroom, batting a toy along the way. Without missing a beat, she changes direction and runs down the hallway to see if Sophie’s up, jumping over Sophie three times on the way back, then stopping to roll around with another toy. Without any warning she’s on her feet racing to the litter box, then bursts out of it probably without going, because she hears me walking toward the kitchen. She dashes into the kitchen and dances excitedly around me while also trying to wrestle with Sophie a few times. When Olivia sees the food plates coming she runs to Sophie’s place, hoping to eat her food. However, I nudge her away and call her to her place to eat. She leaps in the air, then runs full speed to her plate and actually settles down to eat her breakfast. Whew! I need a nap just watching her.

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