Moving With Pets

Don't leave me behind

Don't leave me behind

Have you ever moved with your pets? Do you plan to soon? Is there a possibility that you will be moving—whether it is planned or not? If so, I have a book for you.

Moving With Pets by Dr. RJ Peters is a tiny book with a big message for those with pets who find themselves moving across the street or across the globe. Sure, you know some of the problems of moving pets. But until you are in the throes of moving with a cat, dog, bird, aquarium fish, etc., you aren’t aware of all that could go wrong. This easy-to-read, well-organized book is full of what-ifs, tips, information, ideas and resources for making your move with pets less stressful for everyone and every furred, feathered or scaled friend in your household.

It’s only 99 cents and available at Amazon for your Kindle.

After a long day of toting boxes and organizing cabinets, settle down with your pet and treat yourself to a fun mystery. Order Catnapped and Cat-Eye Witness for your Kindle today.


Cat-Eye Witness

Note: George, the lovely girl (yes girl) pictured here, traveled with her family from Connecticut to California one summer by car.

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