More Accolades for Cat-Eye Witness

cat-eye-cover-final-smThe reviews are pouring in. Here are more excerpts from reviews for Cat-Eye Witness, the second in the Klepto Cat Mystery series. It’s on Kindle only. $2.99 here: Remember, you can send gift copies to anyone with a Kindle or other reader that is compatible with Kindle. For a real holiday treat, send both Catnapped and Cat-Eye Witness.

“I just loved this book. If you are a cat or mystery fan, this is a great read for you!”

“Enjoyed this story. It is a series I have liked. This story keeps your interest and you can’t wait to get to the end. I look forward to the next one.”

“Another terrific MYSTERY by Patricia Fry. Rags the cat offers useful clues to solve the mystery and bring his mistress closer to fiancee. Lots of activity and affection amongst all their friends and acquaintances.”

“This is the second installment featuring Rags,a Klepto Cat that enjoys hiding a multitude of items. The mystery had enough turns to keep one guessing, the cop that everyone can hate and a few people that you hope did it so they will find themselves in jail.”

“I found the mystery portion of the book immensely enjoyable; if you like mystery and romance equally in a book, you should enjoy this one.”

“A great easy read cozy mystery. The characters seem like real people you can relate to and I love the Cat.”

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