Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Photographing Olivia

You may have learned over the years that black cats and white cats the most challenging to photograph. Black cats have always been given a bad rap. It’s widely known that black cats are typically the last to be adopted from shelters. And many thought that had to do with black cats being linked to witchcraft. They’re also thought to be less interesting to look at—no personality in the fur, perhaps? However now people are giving up their black cats and avoiding adopting black cats because these cats don’t photograph well.

It’s true—people claim “They don’t look good in the selfies I take.” I know at least one person who would object. She has adopted numerous black cats and she does a beautiful job of photographing them. I love seeing photos of several black cats sitting together watching birds out a window or waiting for breakfast or out for a stroll. I agree, they’re not easy to photograph, but beautiful when captured in all their glory.

So which cats are easy to photograph. There’s a lot to be said for their eyes. Lily was a tabby—I found photographing a tabby quite interesting and usually successful. However, the lighting sure could change the color of Lily’s fur. Pointed cats are fairly easy to photograph. Once, I found our white odd-eye cat, Winfield sitting in the bathtub and thought it was a super photo-worthy pose. I tried and tried, but could not get a decent shot of what I was seeing—a white cat in a white tub and those gorgeous eyes. So I called a photographer friend of mine and she came over and got the shot I imagined .

So how is our kitten, Olivia, to photograph? She’s adorable and takes a cute picture if only you can catch her being still and looking at the camera. She’s a very busy kitty-girl.

Here’s a treat for you. Smoothie is supposed to be the most photogenic cat in the world. She is stunningly gorgeous and these photos are wonderful. Enjoy!


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  1. Catherine Thorpe says:

    I cannot fathom the narcissistic inhumanity of a person who would give up a cat, any cat, beche or she didn’t photograph well!

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