Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Find the Real Cat

I guess I’ve been isolating for too long—do ya think? (For me it’s been since mid February as I was sick in bed for almost a month. COVID? Who knows?) During isolation, I’ve been chasing cats around with the camera. Well, what do you do when you see one of your cats posing or doing something unusual or especially cute? You take pictures, right?

A couple of nights ago Sophie curled up on a chair with the blanket-throw my girls had made for me showing some of my Klepto Cat book covers and a cute pillow of a cat. How could I resist that shot? She’s not a very good subject. She looks down and often closes her eyes when you aim a camera at her. I got her to look up at me once and here’s the result. Kind of fun, right?

Here are some additional pictures I’ve taken over the years of our cats posing with cat objects and motifs.

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